Monday, February 22, 2010

Hale's Got Well Wishers We Haven't Even Met!

Our good friend Chris Boulton couldn't make it to Hale's birthday party. So like any self respecting hyperachieving Media Studies PhD Candidate/filmmaker would do, Chris wrote Hale a Poem.

Then he made it into a movie. It features funny cameos from a whole bunch of people we've never met. And a few from folks we have. Notably among them, Chris himself, Joel and Melissa, and Mohit Mukherjee (all of us lived in the same little bohemian neighborhood, Guapulo, in Quito, Ecuador, back in the last century).

Untitled from Chris Boulton on Vimeo.

A little Dr. Seuss, a little Shel Silverstein, and a lot of the good old unselfconscious love. Chris got all Secret Squirrel with Amy and our amazing friend/neighbor Kristin to surprise me and Hale with this. It worked.

How did we get so lucky? I ask myself this a lot.

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